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The MegaDoor MegaSafe Ballistic Door MegaBlast Blast Door MegaGard Detention Door MegaBoss Decorative Door MegaRad Radius Series
MegaSonic STC Sound Door MegaDoor SS Stainless MegaStorm Tornado Door MegaStorm Hurricane Door Mega xray Lead Lined Door
Specialty Doors and Custom Hollow Metal the way it was meant to be - Hassle Free!
MegaMet joined NAAMM in 2001 and volunteered for the HMMA Technical Committee and was appointed to its Executive Committee. Since joining NAAMM our product line offering and expertise personnel, has increased immensely. MegaMet now has well over 100 years of combined Hollow Metal experience. Our online presence, allows us to show, our products and services to you in an effective and efficient manner. So that you can make informed decisions quickly about your Specialty Doors and your Hollow Metal needs. MegaMet continually refines our business practices and our products. We also will periodically update our website, so you can stay in-touch with what we have to offer. We accept orders in any format or nomenclature, no special forms are required. MegaMet produces professional submittals for your approval. Click on our “site-map” link below for elevations and tech-data cut-sheets.

Specialty Doors and Custom Hollow Metal, designed without compromise.
Mega means “Millions” or “Great” – Met is short for “Metals” together MegaMet stands for Quality, Consistency, Durability, and Accuracy, all in a responsive, and honest manufacturer.
MegaMet Industries, is the source, and the solution you've been looking for!
MegaMet is a Proud Supporter of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
Visit them today and become a donor.

MegaMet Industries: Quote-Request@megametusa.com | Order-Entry@megametusa.com | 205-322-7700
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